Attract Your Market With "Better Business Results" Videos.

People buy what they want all the time on there terms. Pushy salespoeple however, are out. No one wants that experience. BusinessWhitt's Better Business Results Interview and Coaching Video Session Solution is a marketing tool that promotes your business expertise. Your messaging is clear and concise but it's not a pitch. It's amazingly simple. You demonstrate your expertise by answering carefully crafted interview questions from the Business Coach. These questions are designed to showcase your expertise. Your answer educates the viewer on your value proposition at the same time your third party credibility and expertise are accelerated. Your competitiors aren't being interviewed but you are. Stand out from the crowd.

Education markeitng is proven to be one of, if not the single most effectve advertsing tool available. A study published in the Harvard Business Review found that for every $1 spent on advertising $2 in revenue is generated. But, for every $1 spent on training and education, $40 in revenue is generated. Competition is real. Marketing is essential for business. Some marketing is better than others. There are three keys to growing your business exponentially.

1. Differentiate. Be different. There is only one of you and on video it is exceedingly clear.

2. Volume - Millions can watch your video while you're sleeping.

3. Meet the consumer where they stand. Video is how consumers want to consume your information.

Profitability doesn't sustain istelf well competing on price. Effective and successful business have learned to compete on non-price issues. This is the focus of your video campaign. .

Your objective in the education marketing space is to position yourself as the expert. Be the go to person for your field. People need your help and your services. Stand out from the crowd and position yourself based on your expertise and why you care. people don't care what you do until they know you care. Stop being the hunter. Be the hunted. Begin attracting your best prospects to your brand. BusinessWhitt's Better Business Results interview video solution allows you to do just that.

What Is It?

This powerful communication product includes eight short videos, each between 60 to 180 seconds, that strategically deliver your message. Each video walks your idfeal tareget customer down your sales funnel. Each video is designed to deliver a key component of your value proposition.
When your target audience is ready to buy, where are they going to turn? They'll find you on the internet just like in the video above. And they'll be ready to convert into a customer because they already know who you are and that you have the tools and solutions that can deliver. You will have answered the most important questions without necessarily hainvg to have the conversation. Start you're campaign today! Stand Out.

What It Does For You.

  • Positions you as the expert
  • Educates your clients
  • Increase Trust fast
  • Saves you the time. Millions can watch a video while your sleeping.
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • Meets the consumer where they stand

What's It Include?

  • Strategic Mastermind Session
  • Script support and message delivery coaching
  • Pre-production planning and coordination
  • One half hour video-recording session at one of two BusinessWhitt video studios
  • Multiple technology options including green screen, HD camera, professional audio and Hollywood lighting
  • Professional editing
  • Final video files delivered electronically and if needed, coordination with your web master

How You Use It?

  • Feature videos on your website
  • Put them on video hosting sites to steer traffic to your website
  • Display them on monitors in your lobby or at the point of sales
  • Showcase the videos on social media sites
  • Embed the videos in your digital newsletters
  • Deliver on a DVD or jump drive using direct mail
  • Use on your e-mial signature line.