"Your Safe Place" aka Comfort Zone

Many of us have created a safe place in our life. We're just coasting along taking the direction of lowest resistance, and often getting by, doing the same things day in and day out.

This is a very common and easy to understand mindset. Most of us have habits that have been helpful in keeping us acting like ourselves, but these habits can also keep us stuck in the present; the status quo, a place that is comfortable and not very close to the edge of life.

The problem with this is that we quit reaching, extending, searching for and jeopardizing, we actually quit increasing. The safe place mindset is keeping us where we are TODAY. That may be ok today, but without ongoing development, WE ARE ALL WE ARE EVER GOING TO BE!

If you are in a safe place, be careful - the risk of a safe place is that it feels good and comfortable. It has been said that if you are not standing on the edge, you're taking up too much room.

Do Something Outside of Your Safe Place

When getting yourself out of your safe place, you begin to grow. In that growth comes confidence, in self-confidence comes an effective mindset, and lastly an effective mindset breeds success.

You are currently within your own safe place. But what's good about a safe place - every time you DO SOMETHING outside of your safe place, your safe place increases in multiple new dimensions.

As soon as you take a step outside of your safe place - in any route, your safe place increases, turning your world into a fully-alive zone which includes many new and different opportunities.

  • So for you, speaking in public might currently be outside of your safe place.
  • Perhaps public speaking is within your safe place but self-promoting from the stage is outside your safe place.
  • Perhaps promoting from the stage is within your safe place but reaching 43 percent alterations is outside your safe place.

Take a Small Risk, Frequently

It's not important what stage you're at; there can always be another stage to go to. It's just an issue of extending your safe place - expanding your "Safe Place aka Comfort Zone." And this is just an issue of taking on and conquering a sequence of little threats, not huge action steps, just little actions outside your safe place. As your safe place expands, so too does your description of yourself.

So for anyone feeling relaxed and in their safe place, right now - perhaps it's a chance for you to decide to do something new. What small step can you take to get you outside of your safe place and start increasing that effective mindset?

-By Phil Gilkes


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