Business and the Game of Chess

Chess has been played for thousands of years. Professionals actually earn a living. There are 1000's of registered chess players in the world. There are 1000's of books and articles on the game of chess. As a past competitive chess player and current business owner, I understand and relate to a variety of parallels between the two activities.

Chess is finite. There are 32 pieces in the game, 16 per side, consisting of eight pawns, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and one king. Both teams have the same goal - to capture the opposing king. Every piece has an ascribed value and operating capacity. Both players know the exact possible movements of every piece on the board. What would it be like to understand your business resources in a similar capacity? What if you were able to create your own objective and your opponent was not aware?

Chess is Infinite. Every game is different. Why?...People are different. Every game essentially has different generals, different General Managers or owners. No two players are 100% alike. Each player has a different background, different experiences, different education and training. All of these factors impact the game. Those with more training, knowledge and understanding win far more frequently. Those that have more knowledge in strategy, positioning and tactics have a winning edge. In the game of chess you need to be one move better than your opponent. In a 40 move game that is ¼ of 1% ahead. Having the first move first is considered a significant advantage. Own the center, develop your pieces, target your forces, bring constant and continuous pressure to bear on your opponent, gain the edge, leverage your edge to the end. There are strategies for starting the game (openings), the middle game, and the end game. Strategies create tactical advantages. Tactical strikes create winning opportunities. Chess players study and learn from resources and each other constantly and continuously.

Let's consider the business world then. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? What positions do you prefer? Where are you most successful? What resources do you have at your disposal? What capital can you bring to bear on your objectives? How can you leverage your team, money, property and other assets to achieve your objectives? What are your objectives? What level of income? What level of growth? What hourly rate? How can you leverage prices effectively to achieve your goal(s). How could you learn more? Books, television, seminars, friends, acquaintances, 3rd party experts, coaches, consultants and the internet all provide opportunies How could you learn more…faster?

What if you understood your personal strengths, weaknesses, motivators? Would that give you an edge? What if you could learn the same information about your key team members? Would that help to position and organize your team more effectively? What if you engaged an expert to understand your team and available business strategies? Would this make you more effective? Would you have better opportunities to reach your goal?

Imagine managing your business with an expert on your side? Could you be in the top 80% or top 98%. What does being in the top 20% of your profession mean? How would that affect your income, success, time, family, health? How would it feel to you, to your family, friends, acquaintances? Can you imagine the top 2%. Coaches get you there faster. What do you do first? Second? Position yourself for success. When should you take a calculated risk? What opportunities are favorable? What areas give you a winning edge?

As a business owner your job is to organize and orchestrate all of the pieces to accomplish your objective. You get to decide what winning means. You get to decide where, when and which opponents you'll play. You decide how and when to engage your resources. You can decide to obtain a strategic advantage and put an expert on your side. Investigate the tools that help you to understand all of the parts and pieces that give you a winning edge. Contact your FocalPoint coach for a complimentary coaching session. Learn what is available. Apply new knowledge to your business. Thinking and knowledge are your primary advantage. Get the edge.

Brian Tracy is one of the foremost authorities on business and personal success. Known as the success gurus’ guru, he has produced over 50 books, 300+ audio and business learning programs and mentored leaders for thousands of companies.

The systems and strategies discovered by Brian Tracy over the past 30+ years form the foundation of the FocalPoint Business Coaching program.

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