How to Think Outside the Box

A mastermind group can be a great way to get the creative juices flowing and look at things outside the box. Many times, bouncing ideas off one another and looking at things from someone else's perspective can really help boost and re-energize your business.

Mastermind groups are one of the most powerful and important forms of networking that you can use throughout your life.

In this special report, Brian Tracy tells you how to set your yours up and get the most from it:

  1. Decide today to form a mastermind group. You do this by inviting three or four (or more) people in your field, or in diverse fields, to join you for breakfast or lunch. You will be amazed at how many people are flattered by the offer and will reorganize their calendar to be there. I have been a part of mastermind groups as large as 12, so plan your time frame accordingly, an hour and a half seems to work the best if you are going to eat during the mastermind.
  2. At your first mastermind meeting, and thereafter, take the initiative and responsibility for being in charge. Introduce each person to each other person, and say something complimentary or flattering about the person when you introduce them.
  3. At your first meeting or meetings, you can have a loose, "free-flow" structure. Go around the table and have people talk about their wok and what is going on in their businesses. Your job is to make sure that everyone gets enough "airtime" so that the discussion is of value to each person.
  4. In a more structured mastermind, you can agree with the group on a book or article that each person is going to read during the week, and then at the meeting, you can discuss the book or article, and what each person took away from it.
  5. In each case, volunteer to reprint the articles, or get copies of the book for each person.
  6. You can form more than one mastermind group. You can have a mastermind group or people who work in your business. You can have a mastermind group of people who work in diverse businesses, but who could be customers of yours, and you could become a customer of theirs.
  7. At your mastermind meetings, do not attempt to sell your products or services. If someone asks what you do, explain how your product or service benefits your customers but do not go into a lengthy explanation.

-Brain Tracy

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