Six Steps to Doubling Your Income and Your Time Off

Doubling you time off required the power of decision more than any other single quality or attribute.

Your ability to decide to book off the time, and then to stick to your decision, is the key to doubling you time off and spending more time with your family and in your personal relationships.

Many people are convinced that they have so much to do that they have no real choice about whether or not they can take time off. They often feel that they have to sacrifice their family lives for their work. But this is seldom true. In most cases, as much as 80% of a person's time at work is spent in activities that contribute very little to the work that the person is being paid to do.

According to experts, fully 50% of working time today is wasted. It is consumed in idle socializing with coworkers, personal telephone calls and personal business. It is eaten up by arriving late and leaving early, and by taking extended coffee breaks and lunchtimes.

There is a rule that says, "Hard time drives out soft time."

What this rule means is that, if a person wastes time at work by socializing or engaging in low value activities, the work itself does not go away. The work remains. It still has to be done. As it is delayed and left undone, it begins to build up like an avalanche overhang. The undone work begins to crowd out non-work activities. This "hard time" of essential work eventually drives out the "soft time" of family activities and personal recreation.

Most people who are not taking sufficient time for their families and their personal activities have gotten into the bad habit of working inefficiently and ineffectively during the work day. They get less and less done in more and more time. They socialize with their coworkers and they work on low value tasks. Meanwhile, the critical jobs upon which their success and promotion depends build up, causing them enormous stress and giving them the feeling of being harried and overworked.

The advantage that highly productive people have over the average person is that they have learned how to think and act better and more effectively than others do. And whatever anyone else has done, or is doing, you can do as well, with practice.

The key to doubling your income and doubling your time off is simple:

  • First, identify those few tasks that contribute the greatest value to your work. Think your work through carefully, in advance. Discuss it with your boss and coworkers.
  • Second, identify all those routine tasks and activities that consume so much time but which contribute little or nothing to your long-term goals at work. Begin today to delegate those tasks to others, one at a time. Eliminate them altogether wherever possible. Outsource anything that can be done by any other person or company. Reduce the amount of time that you spend in low value, time-consuming activities. Be adamant about discontinuing tasks and activities that are of little importance.
  • Third, use the Grand Slam Formula to dramatically increase your output and your results. Simplify, Leverage, Accelerate, and Multiply your talents and abilities through others.
  • Fourth, decide today to take at least one full day each week of work during which you spend time exclusively with your family and on your personal pursuits. During this time off, you absolutely refuse to do anything associated with work. You do not read, make telephone calls, catch up on your correspondence, work on our computer, or anything else. You let your brain completely recharge and rejuvenate by turning your attention to something totally separate and apart from the work you do during the week.
  • Fifth, once you are comfortable taking one day off each week, expand your time off to two days, a full weekend, every week. Begin to schedule a three-day vacation away with your spouse every three months, and eventually, every two months. Begin to schedule two or four weeks of vacation with your family every year. Reorganize your life so that time off and time with your family becomes a major priority.

The more you get your time and your life under control, the more you will get done and the more enjoyable your work will be. The more you get done, the more free time you will have. The more free time you have, the better rested you will be. The better rested you are, the more alert and productiver you will be when you are working, thereby getting even more done.

  • Sixth, start today to pay closer attention to the things you do. Be more conscious and aware of yourself and your actions. Think about your tasks carefully before you begin. Identify your most important tasks and concentrate on them single-mindedly. The very act of continually thinking through your activities before you begin will develop within you new habits of thought and action that will lead to ever greater levels of productivity and performance. You will be amazed at the improvements that take place in every part of your life, and they will take place far faster than you can imagine.

-unknown author at FocalPoint Intl. Newsletter

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